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Monday, July 14, 2008

Cool Brand Surveys May 2008

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congratulation to the RM200 Winner

This is to announce that the winner of the part time writing RM200 giveaway is...

She just won RM200 by having the most Diggs on the article. She obtained a total of 16 diggs for her post. She wrote on What’s So “Beautiful” About Being Thin?

Yup it is just that easy. If you think you can do better then this. Keep coming back to this website to check for future money giveaways or more part time writing. Alternatively you can submit ur email on the right to suscribe to the feeds to your email. That way you wont miss out on future giveaways.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks for all your Submission

Hello everyone,

For all those that have submited your articles. It is being publish now at part time reading. Now in order for you to Win the first RM200 giveaway. You will need to obtain the most diggs on Digg Tabulation day which is on 30th April.
To increase the number of diggs. All you need to do is just send the link of your article to your friends. If they like that article ask them to press the little button on the top right of your article called digg. It will bring them to another site. Just register for digg if they have not done so. Once they are on that site, they can add comments on why they like that article.
To those that miss this chance. Do not worry. There will be more coming soon.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

What do you write about?

For those of you that want to submit but have no idea on what to write. Just visit sites like DIGG. You can view what are the latest articles that everyone is crazy about.

If you don't know what digg is i suggest that you check out the website right now to learn more. Basically its a social site that you can read the latest most interesting articles or topics written by other people aroud the world. This can be a good tool to read only the most interesting stuff written instead of browsing through a bunch of stuff before you can read something interesting.

For the shortcut some of the most diggs in the past 24 hours click here.

My suggestion is to add some pictures or illustrations or even videos that are related to your topic. You can even make your own list of best "something" from you tube. The whole point is to get people to be interested in what you write. Just one thing, REMEMBER to link back to the people that you took the photos from and also check with them see if you are allowed to use their pictures. Generally they are ok with that because they get more hits to their sites.

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First Article is In

A big shout out to UGN for submitting the first article.. If you want to read about the article it is being publish here for the time being.

For those of you that wish to submit your articles please do so here. There is a Cash Prize for the person with the most diggs.

If you like that article please vote for it by clicking on the DIGG button on the top right hand corner. Thank you very much.

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RM200 Cash to be given out.

First of all i would like to Thank You all of you that signed up. I have received overwhelming response from the people that have signed up to be a part of this.

There is only one problem, i don't really know how well can you write. So in order to do so i would require you to write a short article that best represents you.

Currently I will give out a FREE gift, Which has been decided to be cash by you. The amount this time would be RM200. This is just an incentive for you to write in your article. Just to let you know, at the time this is written, there are only about 90 people that sign up and out of them i'm not sure how many will actually summit an article so i say your chances are pretty good for now. The details of this are below.

Now comes the question part...

1) What should you write about?

Choose a topic that you are familiar with. Remember my previous post. The topic you write on must be a narrowed down niche topic. E.g If you want to write about can write about Toyota Civic or maybe even top 10 list of most expensive cars in the world.. If you want to write about food, you can review a restaurant that you have been lately or maybe a recipe list.

Remember your audience are not just limited to Malaysia but world wide audience.
Here are some things you can write on
- funny articles that a lot of people will enjoy.
- Helpful guides for people such as a 'how to' guide
- Product reviews
- Compiling list of something..

What i am looking for is if you can write articles that most of the readers would be interested in.
You can include pictures or videos to illustrate your point. If you do use pictures/videos that are NOT your own, kindly provide a link back to them where you use those pictures/videos from.

2) What can't you write about?
No adult content, gambling and those sort. I will review each article to see if its suitable.

3) Where will it be published?
In the meantime while working on the main site. I will publish it on a temporary page. I will let you know the link once its up.

4) How do you summit my entry?
Here is the format of the entry. Email according to the order and format of both published and unpublished content. Incomplete entries will not be entertained.

Published Content
i) Your name that will be given credit to : ( Optional, I will publish this as the credit that will be given to you.)
ii) Your website/link : ( Optional, I will link you up to your page if you wish to or have one)
iii) Title of your article : ( Think of a proper title, an inviting title will help more readership)
iv) Your Content :
-If you have pictures/ links to other page kindly use this format
{ a href="Your Link Here"} Your Link Title here {/a}
Here is a suggestion of a place you can upload.
-If you have a video, please upload it to YouTube and give me the embedded link
Place the picture tag and video at the place you want to insert it.
v) Tags : ( Choose proper tags for your article)

Unpublished Content
Actual Name :
Contact Number :
Email Address :
Last 4 digit of your I.C/Passport : For prize collection purposes.

Please Email this to submitparttimewriting [at]

All information is for this web use only.

5) What about the FREE gift that you mentioned?

I will be giving out RM200 CASH, as most people voted for CASH during the polls.
This is how you win cash for this first assignment.
- Summit the entry according to the format above. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FORMAT.
- You will notice that that there is a DIGG button on the top right when i publish your article.
- When people like your article what i will ask them to do it to DIGG IT.
- You may asked your friends to read your article to see if they like them. If they like it ask them to DIGG IT.
- You can even post it on your blog to link to your article or even email your link to your friends to read your article and to DIGG IT if they like it.
- The winner will be decided by the one having the Most Diggs on their article on DIGG tabulation day.

6) When are the datelines?
For this first assignment the closing date for summiting the entry is 19th April 2008.

The closing date for the DIGG tabulation will be on 30th April 2008.

Remember the earlier you summit the faster i can publish your article and the more chances you have to

7) Other rules & regulations

- I reserve the right to decide what to publish or not.
- The articles for this one must be in English. I know some of you asked if you could write in mandarin. That will come soon but for the time being it will just be English.
- You are responsible that the contents you created are your own. Unless if its pictures/videos which i have mentioned above. If you are found plagiarizing. You will be banned immediately
- You must be a Malaysian or you are currently residing in Malaysia.
- You may summit as many articles that you wish.
- You must be able to receive payment from a Malaysian Payment Channel.
- You must be either more then 18 years of age. If you are younger then 18 years old, you must get your parents/ guardian's permission to summit to this project.
- You will be required to give a feedback as the winner of the cash prize.
- I reserve the right to choose the final winner in case of disputes.

Thank you very much for participating.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cash is King

It has been decided....

Looks like the gift that will be giving out is CASH.. as voted by you... about 67% of the people wanted cash.... whats next you ask me???

Currently i am setting down the framework for the details of the writing. I will run a short write up with some insentives for you to gauge what can you write...

So dont miss out on the updates.. My suggestion is that you use the Feeds at the right hand side of the blog to keep you updated...

You will be hearing from me soon in regards to the details of the sample write up and also the first give that will be given away...

Till then here are a few tips for you to keep on your mind...
Think of a write up topic that is targeted for e.g instead of writing on food..maybe write on italian pizza... then do some research on it... that will help when i release the details...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Closing Date for Voting of Free Gift

I have put the closing date for the voting of the Free Gift to be on 31st March 2008. If you have not voted, kindly put your vote in. If you already have, thank you very much, your voice counts.
To vote go to this link.

The details of the Free gift will be out soon, after the closing date.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're Giving Away a Free Gift.. What do you want?

Yes....... You heard it right...

You could be possibly one of the person receiving a FREE gift from me.

But i have only one problem.. deciding what to give to you....

So i have decided to make a poll to see what would you want...

Ok..... the next question you to qualify??? All you need to do is sign up to be a part time writer. The full rules & regulation will be annouce once i know what is the gift of choice for most of you.

What am i talking about?

Go here for more info on what am i talking about.

Wait hold on.... dun just stop there.. Share this with your frens.... Tell them that if they want to be part time writing, they can possibly win a FREE gift....

Ok.... I hope you have send the mail to me.... at the moment i still have space for more writers.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Searching for Part-Time Writers

Hi everyone,

          Let me introduce myself first. My name is Deric Lim.  I'm Starting a New Content Website soon. Currently I'm looking for people that are interested in writing part-time.
          Yes, Yes. I know you have questions and they would probably be

1) What am i writing about?
The details of what to write or the guideline will be given later. There will be topics / guidelines that will be sent to you. 
The topics will cover a wide range from humour to automobile to latest trends and so on. So i'm sure there is something that you can write about.

2) How often have to write?
Its up to you. We will mail you when a job is available. Then you can decide if you want to take it.  There are no obligations to take jobs when you are part of this. 

3) But i cannot really write leh.
Dont worry. If you good at taking photos or videos also can.. Maybe you say you chaplang England but can Sia (write)  in Hockkien also can. As long as you can type something.

4) So will i get paid?
Of course la..but we have not decided how to pay out yet. We will make sure everyone gets paid accordingly to what they write la. 

5) Sound like con job.
No worries la.  I wont ask you for some money to start off. The only way money is flowing is from me to you.

6) So what do i need to do to be part of this
Just send your details with the Subject
I want to be part of this
-Name /Nickname
-What you have written before e.g blogs, other content sites and so on.
Send to

Your contact is protected by me. I wont sell ur email to other 3rd party. Only mail you will receive is from me. 

7) Ok see first la
If you see first probably will never want to be part of this. Ask yourself how many see first la that you never got back to? So with no obligations., you can give your names in first. When the details come, you dont like you can just stop. 

8) Is that all?
Yeah..Thank you so much for reading this blog.
Just one more small favour. If you could let your friend know about this blog, it would be great. There will be more then enuff jobs around for everyone. So its ok to share.. Dun just keep all the good stuff to yourself. You can either email your fren or just send them a messenge on the messenger.

9) NO thanks for me..
Ok...the decision is up to you. but could you just help me to pass this website to your friends. You might not be interested but your friend might, so help them to put some cash in their pockets. I'm sure later when they start getting paid, they will thank you.

Thats all for now... To everyone Thank again...
Will update you guys when the project is ready to launch.

10) But wait.. i still got questions...can i email you?
For now i'm just compiling the names of people that are interested. When its ready to launch, i will let you ask questions again. 
At that time you can ask all you want.

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